Calculation of the Sound Speed Profile (SSP) and Average Sound Speed in Seawater by the Various Equations

The  sound speed profile of a calculated depth direction is displayed by a equation that you chose.

The following CSV files should be prepared before calculating.

" Depth (m) ,Temperature (deg C), Salinity (ppt) "

But the file name is arbitrary, and the column number is not limited.Push the upload /calculate button after choosing a your CSV (D,T,S)  file. The following calculation results are output on a screen with a CSV (D,P,T,S,Sound Speed) file.

The mean value of the sound speed is displayed at the end of the file.

The output sound speed CSV file is used by EXCEL or other graphical software by copy and paste. The sample files are prepared.

Input latitude. (The north and the south latitude are not distinguished. When you do not have a value, input 45.)

Latitude (degrees)

Please choose which equation you useH(You must confirm a range of validity of each equations before calculating.)


Del Grosso
UNESCO (Chen & Millero)

Please choose a your CSV (D,T,S) file F

Please describe reference site ( when you use the result of the calculation by this site.