Update history

Top page was changed. (10/05/06)

The average of the direction of depth in the temperature and salinity were able to be calculated. (10/04/26)

The mean value of the direction of depth in the absorption loss and speed of sound were able to be calculated. (10/04/14)

CSV sample files were added.(10/20/2009)

An item of the latitude was added to a sound speed calculation.(09/25/2009)

Top page --> JAVA was removed, and movement became light. The arrangement of the button was changed. (09/01/2009)

Radio button to choose a spreading model was added to a absorption calculation.(08/31/2009)

A commentary page of the dB was made.(08/25/2009)

The commentary page of the speed of sound was added.(08/13/2009)

An opinion/demand email form was made.(08/10/2009)

Each equation is chosen in a depth direction profile calculation by radio button.(08/03/2009)

The speed of sound and propagation loss calculation site in seawater were shown for a researchers and  engineers. (07/01/2009)